Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alternate realities

I became interested in lucid dreaming in 2011. I didn't realize it was such a fun topic. I eventually found a book about projection the astral body by Sylvan Muldoon and then I found a bunch of people on youtube who love to look into astral projection. I enjoy astral projecting. I have had many dreams since 2011. I kept a dream journal for about three years. I recorded many dreams.

I have a book called The Dream Game by Ann Faraday. It is from 1974 and is a great read. Knowing that they figured this out in the seventies is comforting. I really enjoyed Sylvan Muldoon's book about projecting the astral body. Dreaming is a fun pre-occupation.

One of my most recent dreams was about a password that was worthless because someone was still able to hack into my account. But what was funny is that I watched him do it. Dreams are very interesting.


Well, I am finally an atheist but my parents don't know just yet. I joined atheistforums.org and have participated in their fun mafia games. I also finally learned about climate change and overpopulation. Also, I have learned about evolution. Psychology is another topic I love currently.

Porn is fun to watch these days. There is a free porn site at xvideos.com and a cam girl site at personalcams.org . they are good sites. haha.

Apparently the Lovecraft universe is really quite rich. PZ Myers was talking to some Lovecraft fans on youtube as I watched. I enjoyed watching his talks.

I was watching some videos of the latter day saints and their missionaries. It was kinda funny to watch and see how brainwashed they were. Well. Im done for now. Have a good day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My adult life.

I am now 28 years old. It has been ten years into my adult life. I was so wrong about a lot of things. But, I don't think I am to blame nor is anyone else. I feel I am lucky to have lived the childhood and young adulthood I have lived. My ten year high school reunion will be happening sometime somewhere this summer. I probably won't go. I already have a nice friend from high school who moved to town a couple years ago. So we catch up on each others' lives weekly.

When I was 18 I was preparing to go to the Air Force Academy. I was getting straight A's in school. But when I found out my hopes for the Academy were a bit delusional I began to be a bit sloppy in my last semester of high school. I had high hopes. My parents and elders didn't think I should enlist because I was too smart.

By the time I was 18, I was pretty religious and reading the bible regularly. I was preparing to go on a mission trip to mexico while I was going to school in my last semester on my senior year. I went to mexico and I loved it. I came back and went to a technical school for a semester and I quit that so I could work to go on a another mission trip to mexico and then to a disciple training school to guatemala for twenty weeks.

When I got back I was super delusional and grandiose. I went to a psych ward for a couple weeks. I was put on meds that made me gain weight really fast. I did lose all that weight once i stopped those meds and I do have the stretch marks from that. However, during 2008 I was labelled with Bipolar type 2. I now live on social security and in an apartment that is paid for by the housing redevelopment agency.

I realize now that I wasn't entirely set up to go to a four year college. I didn't grow up in a family of scholars. I grew up in a family of rednecks and catholics. There is no shame in that. But, insanity either diagnosed or undiagnosed runs on my family. And, I have a big family.

Now a days I look at climate change info and nuclear meltdown info. I watch the meltdown of the economies world wide. It is a bit scary. But it is exciting too. Knowing that the entire planet will seriously be destroyed in a short time is kind of exhilirating. People have been warning about global warming for a really long time. I am a bit disappointed that schools dont teach about it.

I will share more about what I have been up to later. Thanks for reading.

I was wrong. Who is to blame?

I continually keep finding out I was wrong. Who is to blame? Is it me and my gullibility?
Well I recently found out about global warming and over population. I got over the conspiracy theories that I was interested in. I was really into a lot of wrong things that were not scientific. The only thing that science doesn't explain is astral projection and the life after death. I personally experience out of body states every day. But, I have found a group of youtubers and books who talk about astral projections. So I am not alone.

Im not interested in making this post a well thought out post. Enjoy.

This is my first post for the year. I have been spending my time looking at climate change information. I found out it is a bit too late to do anything about the death of the planet. There are nuclear meltdowns occurring and the arctic methane will be released once the arctic sea ice is gone at the end of the melt season. I spent a lot of time since 2014 listening to scientists on youtube who have been talking about near term human extinction and catastrophe.

I am just trying to enjoy my time in this domain until it ends. I dont know when it will end. But, I have the feeling that the time is near. I see the riots happening world wide for many different reasons. It does stress me out to see all the death. There are people in this world who did not make it to this day. Meaning there are people who are now dead for whatever reason. But, I am still alive. I must appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014