Sunday, April 20, 2014

True Money, True Change, True Wealth

Money = Time

You spend time.

You spend time paying attention.

You use your mind to pay attention.

Your mind gets change if you change your attention and spend your time on different subjects.

Your mind is your own bank vault.


Ok, I'm thinking right now about the local college here in my town. It started out as a Catholic mission school to convert the indians to catholicism. People still ignore the fact that the catholics came here with intentions to manipulate and destroy the old way of life. The students who go to this college don't know or care to know that the college is still destroying humanity.

Every college around the world is a catholic institution because the Vatican owns everything on the
planet! It is in the Bible that they must conquer the world for their god. They have done it! First they hypnotise everyone into compliance. Second, people don't care. Third, we sleep in the bed we make.

I went to a film about four years ago at the college that explained the college's origins. After the show ended the basic conclusion was that catholics are still trying to make peace. Not true. What is true they are still trying to hypnotise people into their way of life. They haven't stopped doing that for the last five hundred years in this country.

I'm a white male with blue eyes and reddish brown hair. I don't reject myslef. However, it is white people who are ruling this planet. So, really, people should stop living in the indian vs cowboy mind set. When I go to the local library, I see that most of the books that are checked out are christian books and cowboy books. Granted, I live in the prairie next to lots of land. But, honestly, this is why I was so hypnotised into the Christian religion and government. People don't care to know what is really going on.

I don't hate white people, but i do hate ignorance. Most of the ignorant people I know are white, so that's an unfortunate circumstance. So, it might look like I hate white people and I'm tempted to say I do hate my own color, but I don't. I'm just doing my best to reject the garbage fed to me by the state, religion, and family members.

There are master hypnotists on this planet who have tricked everyone. I am not taking my sights off of the Queen of England or the Vatican. They got it all under control currently. Fortunately people can become their own hypnotists if they want to let go of the handrails they lean on now.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Hermit

Ordo ab Chao