Sunday, June 29, 2014

No points to prove and galactic ray bursts

There aren't any points to prove. Just move on gradually in life. One day at a time. I enjoy just sitting and daydreaming until I feel like I need to get up and walk around. Let other people live their life the way they want to. Don't worry that other people are being left behind or they aren't in the know, they will catch up if need rises. Stop helping people with things with which they should help themselves.

I watched a presentation on galactic ray bursts the other day. GRB's, as they call them, are when a couple of neutron stars collide or when a black hole is formed. The only time we see galactic ray bursts are when the ray is pointed toward us. The ray could be pointed in any other given direction. GRB's are a rare event in the universe. I think it is more frequent than they think because not all bursts are pointed at us when they occur and thus we cannot see them but they happen nonetheless.

Friday, June 27, 2014


When I first started this blog I was pretty well gleaning from Ray Comfort. Hey, I was a young twenty year old who hadn't ventured out on my own yet, at least not for a longer period than five months. I had travelled to three countries by the time I was twenty one but I hadn't become much of a well read person outside the christian authors and the bible.

Well things have changed six plus years later. I found out the bible is an allegory for star, planet, and sex worship. There was so much literature back in the early years they cut down the material in the bible. The Bible is big this day and age but it was bigger only four hundred years ago. You can't put all the scriptures into one book so no one blames them for keeping certain things out of one book. The only reason the bible should be called god's word is because it talks about star, sun, planet, and sex worship in allegory and metaphor and who wouldn't worship nature?

So now I study things that make my life better than the day before. I am a lot more tolerant of others than I was before. I've started to drink alcohol and smoke weed. I read books by anyone who interests me. I am hungry for self knowledge. I still have my christian friends and they tolerate me as long as I don't talk much about what I really think these days.

I am just living life now as best as I can. I am staying out of trouble by playing playstation2, reading, facebooking, social networking, exercising, and learning the electric guitar. I keep a dream journal and a daily journal to just write about whatever. I am also becoming a good artist with a mechanical pencil and a set of colored pencils. I'm doing my best to become a good human being and I am pursuing my own happiness.

I can honestly say I let the christian religion take me over and it did ruin my social life sadly. But I don't regret it because I needed to go through it. I am gaining new friends and making some good connections with people I meet. I am not pushing a belief system onto people, unless you count helping people let go of their current beliefs. That is probably called infilitration or disruptive behavior. Oh, well.

I have collected many books over the last three years. One in particular I really enjoy but have yet to finish is one called The Dawn Horse testament. It is a book with over 800 pages that are very large and the type is a little larger than in most books. But if you were to downsize the book to the average size of a book and keep the same sized font it would be a 1600 page book easily. It was written by a man named Sri Da Avabhasa. I found the book in a town called St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA.

When I bought The Dawn Horse Testament I also bought a book by Alan Watts called The Art of Godmanship. I have read that book at least once in order but I have reread certain chapters. I had never heard of Alan Watts nor Sri Da Avabhasa. Alan Watts' book was much easier to read than Sri Da Avabhasa's and smaller. So I finished that book while I was reading the beginning parts of The Dawn Horse Testament.

Sri Da Avabhasa's book is very good and I have yet to finish it even though I have had it for almost four years. When I got the book I felt a lot of interesting feelings. I was just letting go of christianity and looking into different ideas. Sri Da Avabhasa's book had so many new ideas to me I couldn't really digest much of it. It has taken me four years to learn some of the things in it from other sources.

Alan Watt's book The Art of Godmanship is a good read and I read it before I started watching youtube videos. Reading a hard copy book is different than reading on a computer. I don't know if it is better but turning a page is more appealing to me than clicking a mouse button to turn a page. I have read books online however, but I am just saying paper back is different than online books, just stating the obvious.

Being literate is the key to freeing your mind from the shackles you might currently be in, if you are not literate or are only semi-literate. Get the whole picture by reading. And I will take my own advice as well. Curiosity for something new is healthy.

Well, I think I did a good job by cutting this into short paragraphs, but I'm not sure I kept the flow in a nice concise and professional way. I will try to be more professional in the future and I am going to try and share what I am currently learning in life and in books in my own words. I don't really like posting videos for people to watch. I'd rather give my own take on things.

I haven't had reliable internet in my apartment until recently nor a reliable computer until now. So what I am saying is I am going to be able to make extremely long posts well into the midnight hour if I so choose. I don't know who reads this anymore. I know I have one new reader who likes to comment and I see a few of my original readers are reading and making comments.

My original readers will notice I don't have much of my original material archived. That is because I deleted all of it. I deleted my ray comfort parroting because it was just that, parroting. I still adhere to the idea of being a genuine person if you can be, but I know better than Ray Comfort these days. So, it is good news to my readers from the beginning and bad news to my family who raised me fundamental. Oh well. Life is what it is I guess.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading a lengthy update about my life currently. Eventhough it is lengthy it is still not the whole story. I could write a book about certain things I've learned on my own. But I will slowly write more posts and hopefully you can read more. Take care.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Black Stone

Black Stone

Appearance: opaque under light, transparent over light

Number of faces: five, a couple rounded

Color: black/transparent

Size: marble size

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ace of Pentacles

All four Aces in the Tarot are associated with the sephiroth of Keter. You spell Keter with a Kaf, a Tav, and a Reish. There are meanings to each of those three letters. Kaf is known as the grasping hand. Tav is known as a signature or cross or mission agreed on in life, some type of oath or purpose for life. Reish is known as the front of the face.

The Ace of Pentacles is earth. Pentacles is earth. Pentacles are coins and wealth, our planet most certainly is wealthy, it is full of abundance. Even the poorest of the poor is taken care of. The earth is a living being that doesn't get destroyed by all the solar flares and winds.

Pentacles have five points. We have five fingers. In most decks the Ace of Pentacles has a hand coming out of the clouds holding the pentacle. This picture of the Ace of pentacles is wedged in rocks. It almost looks like someone was digging for treasure and they finally found the Ace of Pentacles shining in its brilliance.