Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Trivium

What is the Trivium? The origin of the word trivium is from latin and it means three roads. It is a way of processing information. [Latin~ tri-three and via-road]. Its three steps are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

When was the trivium used? In medieval times it was used in what is called the seven liberal arts.

Where was and is the trivium used? In medieval times it was used in schools probably more widespread than today. In this day and age the trivium is only taught in a small number of schools.

How can a person use the trivium? You must use the trivium in order. Grammar is first and that is composed of taking in information from a large amount of sources, it answers the question of who, what, where, and how. Logic is second and that is where you take the information and get rid of contradictions and you make sense of it. It answers the question of why. Rhetoric is third and that is where you take your information and your understanding and speak it in to the world. Rhetoric is the step that shows you understand whatever topic you study.

Why should a person learn about the trivium? Because in this day and age most have been taught to put their logic before their grammar. In other words most have learned to put their biases, their religious beliefs, their emotions, and their prejudices before them and then look at the information. An example of this is religious people, they put their belief in their "Holy" book before them and they try to fit the information with their belief. They put their logic before their grammar. Non-religious people do the same thing in many cases. One case would be the theory of evolution. They put belief in Darwin's theory before them and then they look at the fossils and try to make sense of it in their preconceived blind belief. The effect of putting your logic before your grammar is becoming a confused person never understanding and living everyday with an idiotic brain. The trivium helps to educate yourself and it empowers your mind. The order of the trivium is important. Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric or Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.

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