Friday, February 10, 2012

Color, Shape, Sound, and Words

Everything around you consists of color, shape, sound, and words. Color comes in forms of giving light or reflecting light. Different colors of pigment do not give light, it absorbs certain frequencies of light and reflects or refracts back certain frequencies. Different colors of light give different frequencies and leave other frequencies ignored.

I am wearing a dark purple shirt right now. It is a pigment of purple. It absorbs all reds, greens, and almost all blues. It is a darker purple so it is not quite on the edge of ultraviolet. So it also absorbs ultraviolet light. It reflects dark violet light. Violet is the highest frequency of light that we can see with our naked eyes. The frequency just below it is indigo, which is a mixture of purple and blue.

Below are all the associations I put on violet, there can be so much more if you contemplate long and hard, all of these emblematizations are dual in nature, if there is a positivie meaning there is a negative one to match it: crown chakra, cosmos, calmness, surrender, unity consciousness, meditation, contemplation, concentration, god/goddess, angelic consciousness, higher consciousness, self-empowerment, creativeness, space, outer space, space travel, philosophy, ritual, religion, reverence, thankfulness, contentment, positive and negative inaction, invisibility, psychic powers, telepathy, telekinesis, foresight, mind control, self-control, Magicians, sorcerers, cults, Magic, sorcery, night sky, darkness, doom, hope, higher aspirations, stars, constellations, astrology, divination, feminine energy, the Holy Mother,

*I will be adding more later as I think about it during the day.

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