Friday, February 10, 2012

Law vs. law

No one needs to enforce a Law. Universal Laws are inherent. You cannot break a Law. You can only willingly align yourself with the Law. The law enforcement are not Law enforcers. They are lie enforcers. They believe in lies and believe they are the Law. They have no authority because they believe in lies. They have to use the force of fear and violence to attempt to get people to adhere to and obey their lies/laws. There is no such thing as a Law enforcer, only Law revealing agents. There is no way you can force people through violence to align with Universal Laws. People must willingly do it.

The one universal Law that people do not adhere to is "you shall not steal." You may ask. The force of fear causes you to steal, the force of love causes you to look beyond the fear and still ask anyway.

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