Friday, February 10, 2012

Magic and sorcery

There is a difference between Magic and sorcery. Magic seeks to uplift the human imagination and spirit and it seeks to raise human consciousness. Magic does what the higher Thou Wills. sorcery seeks to do what the lower thou wills. It seeks to hold up the ego on a pedestal and feed it. I spell Magic with a capital M because it is the greater of the two spiritual works, while sorcery is spelled with a lowercase s since it is the lesser of the two spiritual works. sorcery seeks to enslave the ignorant while Magic seeks to inform the ignorant. I am a Magician since I want mankind to know about the higher ways of Life. I want to raise consciousness. I am doing what Thou Wills, not what the lesser ego wills.

I used to be a slave to sorcery through the religion of christianity, now I am not. I weep for those who are still slaves in that religion and in others.

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