Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have a Winston's Dictionary from 1946 and a Dictionary of Philosophy from 1960. The latter says that solipsism comes from two latin words which are solus and ipse which mean "alone" and "self" respectively. It has two definitions of what solipsism teaches. The first is a methodological definition. It says that it is the epistemological doctrine which considers the individual self as the only source of knowledge or philosophical construction. Epistemology is the theory or study of what constitutes the basis or essence of knowledge. Methodology is the science dealing with the theory of method and it is also the division of logic dealing with the manner in which the abstract principles of reasoning can be applied to produce knowledge. The second definition the dictionary of philosophy gives is a metaphysical one. It says solipsism is the sub-variety of idealism which maintains the individual self of the solipsistic philosopher is the whole of reality and that the external world and other persons are representations of that self having no independent existence.

My Winston's Dictionary from 1946 says solipsism is 1. the theory that the mind, or self, can know nothing but its own thoughts and emotions and 2. the theory that the ego, or self, is the only thing that really exists.

From what I understand from those definitions, I can conclude that solipsism teaches that no one around me really exists and that all knowledge outside myself is not worth getting to know. This is a big lie and deception. Solipsism is not a philosophy. The word philosophy comes from two greek words philos and sophia. They mean "fond of" and "wisdom" respectively. Also, the whole greek word philosophia means "love of wisdom." How can a person be in love with wisdom if they do not believe other people are worth listening to because they do not exist? How can a person be a philosopher if their primary belief is that no knowledge can be learned? How can you be fond of wisdom without any knowledge?

I have met people who believe in the solipsistic bile. They are closed books. They are full cups. They will not take in any information because they will not acknowledge that there is truth to be known in the world outside of themselves. You cannot be a full cup and be a wisdom lover. Solipsism is holding back a lot of humanity right now. Religion is the word for solipsism, not philosophy. Religion comes from the latin word religare which means "to bind fast." It is binding people back from the eternal quest for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

I know there are a lot of people worldwide that believe in solipsism and I am here to say it is a religion and not a philosophy.

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