Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have kept a dream journal for over a year now. I have had dreams of angels, jesus, beautiful women, family members, demons, aliens, I have had many voices speak to me too, and many animals have been in my dreams too. I have had a few god-realization dreams, I have also had image flashings as if my entire life flashed before me.

My entire dream journal would be evidence for "insanity" in this commy society, but dreaming is not insane. I do not like how people are afraid to dream and face their fears. I have had to face many nightmares and many creatures and different feelings in my dreams over these past 15 months. I am still going to write my dreams down. The dreamworld is a part of human consciousness so I will explore it.

If we live in a world where it is "insane" to dream, then we are in big trouble, especially when we have done nothing violent. It is your right to dream and explore your mind and body. I encourage everyone to explore the dream world and do not give in to fear. It is ok to have fear but make sure you do not let fear freeze you from taking action.That is why the police say "freeze" by the way. They want mankind to be frozen by fear just like they are. Do not give in to fear when you explore the dreamworld. Be empowered, be brave, be free, explore!

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