Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Empress and Emperor

The Emperor card above left is the king of his own domain. When a person is king how does he behave? He usually sits on his throne and thinks. He doesn't work for anyone else but himself. Everyone is their own emperor.

The Empress left is a queen in her own right. She is the other side of rulership. She is female and has the same power as the emperor and perhaps more power because she can give birth to new children while the emperor cannot. The power of the empress is definitely one to embody in oursleves.

We all are emperors and empresses. Don't bow down to anyone but yourself. Take it to heart.

My question to The Emperor was:
Me: Tell me what to do my king.
The Emperor: Just be.

My question to The Empress was:
Me: Tell me what to do my queen.
The Empress: You are taken care of, have no worries.

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