Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Empress

The Kabbalistic sphere associated with The Empress is Binah. Binah means understanding. When you go to the fundamental bases of ideas you have understanding. Ask yourself what you really understand in the world.

Binah is associated with Saturn, which makes The Empress a saturnian card. Saturn orbits the sun every 28/29 years. It is called a Saturnian return for those whose 28th birthday it is. But the years coming up to it's return and the years after are pivotal.

This year and next year there will be a series of blood moons and solar eclipses leading up to my 28th birthday. I will have to keep track of any comets or meteors too during this time.

The Empress has the Roman numeral III ascribed to it. It is the last numeral before a V is added. III looks like three pillars. Just like in the solomon temple in the images of Freemasonry there are three pillars. Boaz on the left, Jachin on the right, and the central pillar of harmony.

The Empress is red. Blood is red because of chemical processes just like it is blue when it has gone under another chemical process. Her roses on her dress are red as well. This is a card about the woman's menstrual blood. Roses are about opening and dying and opening and dying. A continual death and rebirth.

The Empress is also associated with the planet Venus and Earth. Venus is a volcanic planet and very chaotic. Venus is also the archetype of Aphrodite. So many stories about Aphrodite the goddess. The woman's body, the earth, and the stars were worshipped in goddess worship. Look to the heavens, look to the earth, look to woman for guidance.

The Empress has a heart by her hip. Hearts are about love, care, and empathy. Hearts are associated with Valentine's Day. Ever get many cards on Valentine's Day? I remember one year as a kid I didn't even bother handing out my cards, even though I made them for people and put them in my bag. This year I received a Valentine's Day card from my mom this year, unexpected, it was nice.

So, The Empress is a card of love, understanding, important years, harmony, and friendly gestures.

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