Friday, April 4, 2014

Undeserved Help

Why do people feel the need for constant outside human contact? Why do I feel that sometimes?
Honestly, I am fine being alone most of the time. Most people are so fake and superficial and are only thinking of what they can get out of me. I personally am not all that tolerant of people who want help from me. Why can't they help themselves?

Why can't people occupy themselves? Why do people rely on other people for happiness? I remember finding out over the years that I secretly do not want anyone else's company. Truly, I am selfish. So is everyone else! The tragedy is people won't admit it and they live in denial. So, people go on pretending they want other people's company when in reality they don't.

I remember one person who moved here from outside this country and he needed a "friend" to give him some time and company. I gave in. In the end I began to wonder why this person didn't stay in his own country. Why couldn't he just stay there? What is so bad about settling down? Why do people feel the need to travel and run around every single day without taking care of themselves and leave other people alone?

Why do people think they need to help others or that they deserve undeserved help? Why?

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  1. We are social animals. Our ancient ancestors were monkeys. Observe monkeys in the wild today. They sleep on top of each other, a whole 'tribe' in one big pile all the time.

    Alan Watts taught me that we sleep less deeply when we are sleeping alone. It is evolutionarily advantageous to sleep with others. That way there's twice the chance that one person notices danger. Even tribal humans banded together for security from predators and other humans. They started posting watches at night, that's why 5% of humanity is naturally nocturnal. They're the night watchers. They often have the keenest senses too. You'd have to have keen senses to be the watcher for your tribe all night long.

    We are just built to need other people, it is our nature (genetics) and our social programming (nurture). Is it the ancient and timeless question of nature vs nurture? No, it's the timeless truth of nature and nurture.

    What fun would there be in the world if there weren't any other bulls to butt heads with anyway?