Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I was wrong. Who is to blame?

I continually keep finding out I was wrong. Who is to blame? Is it me and my gullibility?
Well I recently found out about global warming and over population. I got over the conspiracy theories that I was interested in. I was really into a lot of wrong things that were not scientific. The only thing that science doesn't explain is astral projection and the life after death. I personally experience out of body states every day. But, I have found a group of youtubers and books who talk about astral projections. So I am not alone.

Im not interested in making this post a well thought out post. Enjoy.

This is my first post for the year. I have been spending my time looking at climate change information. I found out it is a bit too late to do anything about the death of the planet. There are nuclear meltdowns occurring and the arctic methane will be released once the arctic sea ice is gone at the end of the melt season. I spent a lot of time since 2014 listening to scientists on youtube who have been talking about near term human extinction and catastrophe.

I am just trying to enjoy my time in this domain until it ends. I dont know when it will end. But, I have the feeling that the time is near. I see the riots happening world wide for many different reasons. It does stress me out to see all the death. There are people in this world who did not make it to this day. Meaning there are people who are now dead for whatever reason. But, I am still alive. I must appreciate it.