Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alternate realities

I became interested in lucid dreaming in 2011. I didn't realize it was such a fun topic. I eventually found a book about projection the astral body by Sylvan Muldoon and then I found a bunch of people on youtube who love to look into astral projection. I enjoy astral projecting. I have had many dreams since 2011. I kept a dream journal for about three years. I recorded many dreams.

I have a book called The Dream Game by Ann Faraday. It is from 1974 and is a great read. Knowing that they figured this out in the seventies is comforting. I really enjoyed Sylvan Muldoon's book about projecting the astral body. Dreaming is a fun pre-occupation.

One of my most recent dreams was about a password that was worthless because someone was still able to hack into my account. But what was funny is that I watched him do it. Dreams are very interesting.

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